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Meet Oxygenium

Oxygen Delivery Redefined

The first fully humidified, high-flow, and high-capacity oxygen delivery system.

Empowering Patients and Providers

Despite Oxygen being the most commonly used medication in emergency response and over 1.9 million patients relying on supplemental oxygen in the US alone, 51% of users report delivery challenges.

Oxygenium leverages a controlled chemical reaction to provide the world’s first fully humidified, high-flow, and high-capacity oxygen delivery system.


Oxygen Today

O2 Cylinders

Efficient delivery, but unsafe.

Bulky Equipment

Heavy and difficult to handle, portability is limited especially in mobile situations where space and agility are paramount.

Inaccurate High Flow Rates

Accuracy is diminished at high flow rates and domestic flow rates are limited, impacting the proper dosing of oxygen crucial for patient care.

Safety Concerns

The potential for explosions, flammability, and physical injury from moving cylinders are significant risks to both patients and healthcare providers.

Complicated Logistics

Transportation, handling, storage and replacement of cylinders is challenging which can hinder efficient and timely oxygen delivery.

Oxygen Today


Safe, but inefficient delivery.

Lower Oxygen Levels

Oxygen purity typically ranges from 85 – 95%, which may be insufficient for patients with higher oxygen needs.

Low-Flow or Pulse-Flow

Concentrators, especially portable ones, have limited ability to provide continuous or high-flow oxygen to patients.

Power Dependent

Stationary devices are limited in use during power outages or where electricity is not available. Portable devices need multiple battery packs to ensure reliable oxygen delivery.

Limited Range

At home devices are large and immovable, constraining patient mobility within the home even for activities of daily living.


The Future Of Oxygen Delivery

Reliable and Consistent High-Flow Oxygen


Pure Oxygen

Our compact and lightweight device ensures that patients receive 99% pure medical grade oxygen.


Continuous and High Flow

Adjustable flow rates from 0 to 15 liters per minute means that patients with variable oxygen demand can get the proper dose of oxygen, when they need it.


Warm and Humidified

Our patented process produces naturally warm, humidified and sterile oxygen, eliminating the need for separate humidifier bottles and warmers.



Oxygenium’s ground-breaking design eliminates the safety risks of traditional cylinders, which are potentially explosive and awkward to transport.


Portable and Transportable

Go wherever life takes you, with unlimited, high-purity oxygen on-demand, or easily transport multiple units for your medical practice needs.


Sustained Oxygen Source

Using hydrogen peroxide to produce on-demand oxygen at the patient’s side eliminates the logistical challenges of transporting oxygen from distant manufacturing sites.

Unlocking Portability For a Conventionally Immobile Market

Oxygenium is a relief.

There is nothing more important to me than my mobility and freedom. I cannot spend my life tied to a tank or concentrator and worrying about malfunction or supply issues. Oxygenium is a relief! I look forward to seeing the regulatory approval and a day when this plays a role in supporting complete autonomy for our community.


Safer, lighter, cheaper, and more reliable.

Oxygenium is set to disrupt pre-hospital oxygen therapy by extending oxygen production to the patient’s side. This technology will revolutionize how oxygen is generated, distributed and applied by Paramedics and EMTs making it safer, lighter, cheaper, and more reliable than conventional oxygen delivery systems.

J. W.

Paramedic & AVP for Large EMS System in NY

Easier portability and travel.

Systems that are lightweight, portable, can easily be lifted, carried or pulled, supply the needed oxygen flow rates with systems that allow for less cumbersome and less flammable supply options is highly needed. This Oxygenium system delivers just that. It’s a lightweight, portable system that uses nonflammable hydrogen peroxide as its fuel source with lightweight replaceable cartridges that allows for easier portability and travel.

Dr. Lisa Lancaster

Director, Interstitial Lung Disease Program at Vanderbilt

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